Language Dictionaries

A new MagicPEN edition of the best selling My Talking Dictionary gives you instant access to over 650 widely used words spoken by native speakers. Simply touch the word with the PEN and hear it spoken either in English or the language of your choice. There is also a feature to listen to the word spoken in the context of a simple English sentence.

With the MagicPEN you can also listen and then practice your pronunciation by recording yourself onto each page. This unique bilingual picture dictionary introduces widely used words, arranged thematically. With brilliant illustrations, language scripts, picture index etc the attractive book is totally sound enabled. You can play back instantly at the touch of MagicPEN and indeed, save your own voice recordings on any of the sound spots to practice pronunciation.  This allows you to hear spoken words over and over again, speedy word searches, and interesting interfaces. Themes cover for example, Myself, Clothes, My Feelings, My Family, Fruits, Weather, Town, Sport, Numbers, etc.

When learning English, listen to each word at the touch of the PEN or hear the word used in a sentence. Easy to use, this is an ideal resource for anyone wanting to learn a new language.

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Price for "My Bilingual Talking Dictionary " is based upon Audio Files and/or Books ordered. Please make a selection from below to get the correct price. Each dictionary is in English with one of the languages in the drop down list and is priced £15.00